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From Adar Lieber-Dembo <a...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: Kudu tablet server generated new uuid and did not disappeared from active configs
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2018 18:23:15 GMT
How many tservers did you reformat? If more than one, it's important
to do the reformatting one at a time, so that degraded tablets can
rereplicate elsewhere. Based on the ksck results it looks like maybe
you reformatted two tservers at the same time? If not, perhaps tablet
c0c16a68fd2f4174b03f1accbc9aca22 was degraded prior to the reformat.

What version of Kudu is this? Can you provide the full ksck output?
On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 9:25 PM 王凡(北京总部-基础技术部)
<wangfan01@baijiahulian.com> wrote:
> Hi all
>    I have faced a problem! I had to add disks on tablet server, so i deleted all data,
it initialised fine,but it generated a new uuid, and some replicas' active configs differ
from the master’s,it still use the old uuid, and shows TS unavailable.I had restart master
for serval times,but did not work:
>    Tablet c0c16a68fd2f4174b03f1accbc9aca22 of table 'info_kudu' is unavailable: 2 replica(s)
>   ac0e6c9ac2da478ab825462423cada99: TS unavailable
>   8db30bf7e64a41ad89567a8865a2fc7d: TS unavailable
>   9025f8b841604788a55b4a9a08d1d174 hadoop01:7050): RUNNING [LEADER]
>     I had used command line to remove replica ,but it  reported Replica 9025f8b841604788a55b4a9a08d1d174
is not leader of this config:
>    Illegal state: Replica 9025f8b841604788a55b4a9a08d1d174 is not leader of this config.
>     How can i tell Kudu to completely remove the old uuid and populate the new  UUID

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