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From Xiaokai Wang <xiaokai.w...@live.com>
Subject Locks are acquired to cost much time in transactions
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2018 04:12:22 GMT
Moved here from JIRA.

Hi guys, I met a problem about the keys locks that almost impacts the service normal writing.

As we all know, a transaction which get all row_key locks will go on next step in kudu. Everything
looks good, if keys are not concurrent updated. But when keys are updated by more than one
client at the same time, locks are acquired to wait much time. The cases are often in my product
environment. Does anybody meet the problem? Has any good ideal for this?

In my way, I want to try to abandon keys locks, instead using *_pool_token_ 'SERIAL' mode
which keeping the key of transaction is serial and ordered. Dose this work?

Hope to get your advice. Thanks.


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