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From Gary Gao <garygaow...@gmail.com>
Subject How to decrease kudu server restart time
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2018 05:17:03 GMT
I have a kudu cluster of 40 nodes, when I realized that
maintenance_manager_num_threads=1 is too small, I updated config file and
restarted a kudu tablet server, but it took too long to start, longer than
--follower_unavailable_considered_failed_sec=600, causing tablet
Even if the kudu server started, it also spent too much copying tablet, as
the following tablet block copying log:

Tablet 1ecbe230e14a4d9f9125dbc49c32860e of table
'impala::venus.ods_xk_pay_fee_order' is under-replicated: 1 replica(s) not
  41e4489d38924c85a4810bd33ef60d80 (bj-yz-hadoop01-1-12:7050): bad state
    State:       INITIALIZED
    Data state:  TABLET_DATA_COPYING
    Last status: Tablet Copy: Downloading block 0000000084111077
  52a9ede038a04566860ecd2e54388738 (bj-yz-hadoop01-1-51:7050): RUNNING
  b133f6fd0c274b93b21ffcbdcbbde830 (bj-yz-hadoop01-1-14:7050): RUNNING

My Question are:

1. It seems kudu server spent a long time to open log block container, how
to speed up restarting kudu server ?

2. I think the number of blocks have an influence on kudu server restarting
time and query time on specific tablet, more number of blocks, more
restarting time and query time. Is this right ?

3. Why there are more than 1 million blocks in a tablet, as shown in above
Tablet Copy log, while there are less than 500 thousands of records in the
tablet ?

4. How to reduce the number of block in tablet ?

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