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From Sailesh Mukil <sail...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: Growing the Kudu community
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2018 21:58:34 GMT
On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 11:39 AM, Mike Percy <mpercy@apache.org> wrote:

> Hi Apache Kudu community,
> Apologies for cross-posting, we just wanted to reach a broad audience for
> this topic.
> Grant and I have been brainstorming about what we can do to grow the
> community of Kudu developers and users. We think Kudu has a lot going for
> it, but not everybody knows what it is and what it’s capable of. Focusing
> and combining our collective efforts to increase awareness (marketing) and
> to reduce barriers to contribution and adoption could be a good way to
> achieve organic growth.
> We’d like to hear your ideas about what barriers and pain points exist and
> any ideas you may have to fix some of those things -- especially ideas
> requiring minimal effort and maximum impact.
> To kick this off, here are some ideas Grant and I have come up with so far,
> in sort of a rough priority order:
> Ideas for general improvements
>    1. Java MiniCluster support out of the box (KUDU-2411)
>    1. This will enable integration with other projects in a way that allows
>       them to test against a running Kudu cluster and ensure quality
> without
>       having to build it themselves.
>       2. Create a dedicated Maven-consumable java module for a Kudu
>       MiniCluster
>       3. Pre-built binary artifacts (for testing use only) downloadable
>       with MiniCluster (Linux / MacOS)
>       4. Ship all dependencies (even security deps, which will not be fixed
>       if CVEs found)
>       5. Make the binaries Linux distro-independent by building on an old
>       distro (EL6)
>    2. Upgrade Gerrit to fix the “New UI” GitHub Login Bug (KUDU-2402)
>       1. Remove barrier to submitting a patch
>       2. Latest version of Gerrit has a fix for the bad GitHub login
>       redirect
>    3. Upstream pre-built packages for production use (Start rhel7, maybe
>    ubuntu)
>    1. This is potentially a pretty large effort, depending in the number of
>       platforms we want to support
>       2. Tarballs -- per-OS / per-distro
>       3. Yum install, apt get: per-OS / per-distro
>       4. Homebrew?
>    4. CLI based tools with zero dependencies for quick experiments/demos
>    1. Create, describe, alter tables
>       2. Cat data out, pipe data in.

A suggestion to add on to the easily downloadable pre-built packages, is to
have easily accessible/downloadable example test-data that's fairly
representative of real world datasets (but it doesn't have to be too
large). Additionally, we can write tutorials in kudu/examples/ that use
this test data, to give new users a better feel for the system.

>       3. Or simple Python examples to do similar
>    5. Create developer oriented docs and faqs (wiki style?)
>    6. CONTRIBUTING.adoc in repo
>    1. Simplified
>       2. Quick “assume nothing tutorial”
>       3. Video Guide?
> Ongoing marketing and engagement
>    1. Quarterly email to the dev / users list
>    1. Recognize new contributors
>       2. Call out beginner jiras
>       3. Summarize ongoing projects
>    2. Consistently use the beginner / newbie tag in JIRA
>    1. Doc how to find beginner jiras in the contributing docs
>    3. Regular blog posts
>    1. Developer and community contributors
>       2. Invite people from other projects that integrate w/ Kudu to post
>       on our Blog
>       3. Document how to contribute a blog post
>       4. Topics: Compile and maintain a list of blog post ideas in case
>       people want inspiration -- Grant has been gathering ideas for this
>    4. Archive Slack to a mailing list to be indexed by search engines
>    (SlackArchive.io has shut down)
> Please offer your suggestions for where we can get a good bang for our
> collective buck, and if there is anything you would like to work on by all
> means please either speak up or feel free to reach out directly.
> Thanks,
> Grant and Mike

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