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From Martin Weindel <martin.wein...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Growing the Kudu community
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 21:11:20 GMT
- Regarding the Java MiniCluster support:
I think there are already a few solutions existing based on Docker, 
which are more flexible.
 From my side, there is a test integration using Docker Compose for the 
Presto-Kudu connector, see [1].
Currently it can spawn a cluster with one or three tservers.

- Regarding pre-build packages for production use:
For my needs, I have already set up a project to provide RPM packages 
for CentOS 7 (and rhel7), see [2].
Maybe it can be used as a starting point for a broader support. The tool 
chain is probably not sufficient to support other distros.
But I can image to help on such an effort.

I would also like to see some support for performing backups of Kudu tables.
In the project I'm currently involved, we are thinking about a 
command-line tool based on Kudu-Spark to export a table or parts of it 
to parquet files.

Martin Weindel


[2] https://github.com/MartinWeindel/kudu-rpm

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