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From "秦坤" <qin...@uce.cn>
Subject 回复:kudu Insert、Update、Delete operating data lost
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2018 01:54:16 GMT
        First of all thank you very much for replying to my email!
        1、I consume a kafka topic, there are multiple tables in this topic, Insert, Update,
Delete operation, this batch only create a KuduSession, submit will have Insert, Update, Delete
operation. If I have 10,000 data in this batch and add 3,000 new ones, the actual number of
kudus will be less than 3,000 and possibly 1000 or 2,000. One possibility I think is that
the data that I update or need to delete does not exist in kudu. When flush, some data will
not be submitted successfully, but I have no problem in the local test. Loss of data in the
production environment,

        2、Below is my code example。
var tables = Array("impala::ucdb.kuduScan1", "impala::ucdb.kuduScan2", "impala::ucdb.kuduScan3")
var kuduClient = new KuduClient.KuduClientBuilder("hadoop1:7051,hadoop2:7051,hadoop3:7051").build()
var kuduSession = kuduClient.newSession()
tables.foreach(t => {
  var table = kuduClient.openTable(t)
  for (i <- 0 until (10)) {

    var update = table.newUpdate()
    var updateRow = update.getRow
    updateRow.addString("id", "#id_" + i + UUID.randomUUID())
    updateRow.addString("test1", "tes1^284227349_" + i)
    updateRow.addString("test2", "tes2" + i)
    updateRow.addString("test3", "test3_" + i)
    updateRow.addString("test4", "test4_" + i)
    var oper = table.newInsert()
    var row = oper.getRow
    row.addString("id", "#id_" + i + UUID.randomUUID())
    row.addString("test1", "tes1^284227349_" + i)
    row.addString("test2", "tes2" + i)
    row.addString("test3", "test3_" + i)
    row.addString("test4", "test4_" + i)
    var delete = table.newDelete()
    var deleteRow = delete.getRow
    deleteRow.addString("id", "#id_" + i + UUID.randomUUID())
    deleteRow.addString("test1", "tes1^284227349_" + i)
    deleteRow.addString("test2", "tes2" + i)
    deleteRow.addString("test3", "test3_" + i)
    deleteRow.addString("test4", "test4_" + i)
var responses= kuduSession.flush()

发件人:Todd Lipcon <todd@cloudera.com>
发送时间:2018年6月15日(星期五) 23:46
收件人:user <user@kudu.apache.org>; 秦坤 <qinkun@uce.cn>
主 题:Re: kudu Insert、Update、Delete operating data lost


I'm having trouble understanding your question. Can you give an example of the operations
you are trying and why you believe data is being lost?


On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 8:24 PM, 秦坤 <qinkun@uce.cn> wrote:
    I use java scan api to operate kudu in large batches If a session contains Insert, Update,
Delete operations, if the database does not exist in the data there will be some new data
loss, how to avoid such problems.

Todd Lipcon
Software Engineer, Cloudera

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