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From David Alves <davidral...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: kudu's Cluster scale question!
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 21:03:54 GMT

  The problem is that a setup like that isn't as tested or supported as
  a setup under the recommended specifications, meaning you can try but
  it's possible that you'll find issues that we can't foresee and won't
  spend too much time sorting out.
  That being said we're aware of Kudu deployments that are well above
  100 tablet servers.
  Of course whether this works also depends on load, i.e. if most of
  your data is cold and the cluster is relatively underwhelmed, then
  its less likely to be a problems than if the cluster is stressed.
  Can I ask what is the use case? Maybe there are some common
  patterns/solutions we can suggest.


wenyefbl@163.com writes:

> hi:
> I saw it on the official website:
> * Recommended maximum number of tablet servers is 100.
> * Recommended maximum number of masters is 3.
> * Recommended maximum amount of stored data, post-replication and post-compression, per
tablet server is 8TB.
> According to this scale, the largest storage of the cluster is (3 replicate):
> 8TB*100/3=25Tb
> If my cluster is more than 100 nodes and the single node is stored as 16T, what's the
> thanks!
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> wenyefbl@163.com

David Alves

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