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From ajay chaudhary <juniora...@yahoo.com>
Subject Kudu Queries
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2017 11:19:31 GMT
Hi Team,
we are planning to setup a Kudu cluster and need your help to plan things better.
Could you please tell us how would partitining startegy works on Kudu Cluster? say For example,
we have 5 node cluster and table t1 is partitioned using hash partition with 5 partition so
initially we will have 5 partition and everythings runs fine. we would want to know how would
insert be handled when one of the node is 100% full for some reason. Please help us to understand
How can we add more space to Kudu cluster? 
How can we add a node to Kudu Cluster? what is the process.
Can we add a node to Kudu cluster and exisiting tables can make use of it automatically ?
or is there any process around it?
Can we add/delete more partition(hash) to exisiting kudu tables?
And also, can you please pass on document for enabling HA for Kudu Master.
RegardsAjay chaudhary

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