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From Frank Heimerzheim <fh.or...@gmail.com>
Subject Spark kudu - partitioning, filter, a whole lot of upserts
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2017 13:03:01 GMT

we are using kudu 1.2 on 6 worker/data-nodes and 3 high available kudu
master nodes. Development is with python 2.7.12 against spark 2.1.1. To
connect kudu with spark we use the kudu-spark2_2.11-1.2.0.jar.

Our data is about 600 GB large with about 1,5 billions of records.
Partitioning is with 100 hash partitions on a string typed-PK and
additional 2 range partitions for 2016 and 2017. Additional PKs are day and
month. Data is evenly distributed from 04/2016 to 06/2017 and will raise
about 100 millions records a month.

Essentially there are three use cases:
1. inserting about 5 millions records every working day
a spark job is reading *.csv, mingle the data and write them to kudu with
2. reading data for the last 400 calender days
self.kudu_master).option('kudu.table', self.target_table).load()
rdd = df.rdd.map(lambda x: whatever(x))
rdd_400 = rdd.filter(lambda x: datetime.strptime(x.b_date, '%Y%m%d') >
3. updating three columns for all 1,5 billion records
About twice or three times a year it is necessary to recalculate values
saved in three (non-PK) columns. For this we read the whole table in a
spark job (like 2), recompute the values and writing them back to the same
table (like 3).

My questions:
Q1: Is the choosen type of partitioning suitable for this kind of use case
and data? I think the way to write the data is a suitable one.
Q2: Is the  way to read the data a suitable one? Will the filter make sure
that only data for the 400 days is physically read from kudu?
Q3: Will only the altered three collumns be physically written? Or all
complete records as the write() suggests. On another use case we upsert
about 10% of 5 million records every day. Data here is coming from another
source, not the same table there will be written into later on. Is kudu
able to handle such massive upserts?

Thanks very much for your opinions and suggestions.


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