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From "木子中心" <lizhong0...@qq.com>
Subject Help start kudu error: Bad status: Invalid argument: Tried to update clock beyond the max. error.
Date Tue, 02 May 2017 07:12:43 GMT
Since the kudu cluster machine is powered down, I need to restart kudu-master and kudu-tserver.
The cluster has three master and three tserver, one of the master and three tserver start
error, error message: Bad status: Invalid argument: Tried to update clock beyond the max.
I tried to set max_clock_sync_error_usec larger, but still the same mistake.
I do not know what to do to solve it.
Kudu-master start log:

Log file created at: 2017/05/02 14:50:53
Running on machine: hadoopname01vl
Log line format: [IWEF]mmdd hh:mm:ss.uuuuuu threadid file:line] msg
I0502 14:50:53.479116  5474 master_main.cc:60] Master server non-default flags:
Master server version:
kudu 1.2.0-cdh5.10.0
revision 01748528baa06b78e04ce9a799cc60090a821162
build type RELEASE
built by jenkins at 23 Jan 2017 23:49:02 PST on kudu-centos66-17b9.vpc.cloudera.com
build id 2017-01-23_23-14-17
I0502 14:50:53.479230  5474 mem_tracker.cc:140] MemTracker: hard memory limit is 2.988239
I0502 14:50:53.479236  5474 mem_tracker.cc:142] MemTracker: soft memory limit is 1.792943
I0502 14:50:53.480358  5474 master_main.cc:67] Initializing master server...
I0502 14:50:53.480466  5474 hybrid_clock.cc:177] HybridClock initialized. Resolution in nanos?:
1 Wait times tolerance adjustment: 1.0005 Current error: 1109553
I0502 14:50:53.481259  5474 env_posix.cc:1284] Not raising process file limit of 131072; it
is already as high as it can go
I0502 14:50:53.481281  5474 file_cache.cc:401] Constructed file cache lbm with capacity 65536
I0502 14:50:53.482020  5474 log_block_manager.cc:1336] Data dir /app/kudu/master/data is on
an ext4 filesystem vulnerable to KUDU-1508 with block size 4096
I0502 14:50:53.482035  5474 log_block_manager.cc:1346] Limiting containers on data directory
/app/kudu/master/data to 2721 blocks
I0502 14:50:53.484666  5474 fs_manager.cc:251] Opened local filesystem: /app/kudu/master
uuid: "4811dfb33ff444d2b3416d7bbe3c9a38"
format_stamp: "Formatted at 2017-02-20 07:35:54 on hadoopname01vl"
I0502 14:50:53.501610  5474 master_main.cc:70] Starting Master server...
I0502 14:50:53.505748  5474 rpc_server.cc:164] RPC server started. Bound to:
I0502 14:50:53.505798  5474 webserver.cc:126] Starting webserver on
I0502 14:50:53.505807  5474 webserver.cc:131] Document root: /usr/lib/kudu/www
I0502 14:50:53.505928  5474 webserver.cc:221] Webserver started. Bound to:
I0502 14:50:53.506609  5543 sys_catalog.cc:119] Verifying existing consensus state
I0502 14:50:53.507067  5543 tablet_bootstrap.cc:381] T 00000000000000000000000000000000 P
4811dfb33ff444d2b3416d7bbe3c9a38: Bootstrap starting.
I0502 14:50:53.507866  5543 tablet_bootstrap.cc:540] T 00000000000000000000000000000000 P
4811dfb33ff444d2b3416d7bbe3c9a38: Time spent opening tablet: real 0.001s      user 0.000s
    sys 0.000s
I0502 14:50:53.507894  5543 tablet_bootstrap.cc:560] T 00000000000000000000000000000000 P
4811dfb33ff444d2b3416d7bbe3c9a38: Previous recovery directory found at /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000.recovery:
Replaying log files from this location instead of /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000
I0502 14:50:53.507917  5543 tablet_bootstrap.cc:567] T 00000000000000000000000000000000 P
4811dfb33ff444d2b3416d7bbe3c9a38: Deleting old log files from previous recovery attempt in
I0502 14:50:53.509835  5543 log_util.cc:316] Log segment /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000.recovery/wal-000000001
has no footer. This segment was likely being written when the server previously shut down.
I0502 14:50:53.509851  5543 log_reader.cc:160] Log segment /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000.recovery/wal-000000001
was likely left in-progress after a previous crash. Will try to rebuild footer by scanning
I0502 14:50:53.548249  5543 log_util.cc:570] Scanning /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000.recovery/wal-000000001
for valid entry headers following offset 7156830...
I0502 14:50:53.564885  5543 log_util.cc:607] Found no log entry headers
I0502 14:50:53.564929  5543 log_util.cc:219] Ignoring log segment corruption in /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000.recovery/wal-000000001
because there are no log entries following the corrupted one. The server probably crashed
in the middle of writing an entry to the write-ahead log or downloaded an active log via tablet
copy. Error detail: Corruption: CRC mismatch in log entry header: Log file corruption detected.
Failed trying to read batch #0 at offset 7156818 for log segment /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000.recovery/wal-000000001:
Prior entries: [off=7156180 REPLICATE (3.11030)] [off=7156213 COMMIT (3.11030)] [off=7156252
REPLICATE (4.11031)] [off=7156818 REPLICATE (4.11032)]
I0502 14:50:53.564937  5543 log_util.cc:369] Successfully rebuilt footer for segment: /app/kudu/master/wals/00000000000000000000000000000000.recovery/wal-000000001
(valid entries through byte offset 7156818)
I0502 14:50:53.564985  5543 tablet.cc:983] T 00000000000000000000000000000000 Rewinding schema
during bootstrap to Schema [
        0:entry_type[int8 NOT NULL],
        1:entry_id[string NOT NULL],
        2:metadata[string NOT NULL]
I0502 14:50:53.565114  5543 log.cc:351] Log is configured to *not* fsync() on all Append()
F0502 14:50:53.717851  5543 tablet_bootstrap.cc:790] Check failed: _s.ok() Bad status: Invalid
argument: Tried to update clock beyond the max. error.
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