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From Pavel Martynov <mr.xk...@gmail.com>
Subject Bad insert performance of java kudu-client
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2017 11:58:08 GMT
Hi, I ran into the fact that I can not achieve high insertion speed and I
start to experiment with https://github.com/cloudera/kudu-examples/tree/
My slightly modified code (recreation of table on startup + duration
measuring): https://gist.github.com/xkrt/9405a2eeb98a56288b7c5a7d817097b4.
On every run I change kudu-client version, results:

kudu-client-ver  perf
0.10             Duration: 626 ms, 79872/sec
1.0.0            Duration: 622 ms, 80385 inserts/sec
1.0.1            Duration: 630 ms, 79365 inserts/sec
1.1.0            Duration: 11703 ms, 4272 inserts/sec
1.3.1            Duration: 12317 ms, 4059 inserts/sec

As can you see there was a great degradation between 1.0.1 and 1.1.0 (about
a ~20 times!).
What could be a problem, how can I fix it? (actually I interested in
kudu-spark, so probably using of kudu-client 1.0.1 is not right solution?).

My test cluster: 3 hosts with master and tserver on each (3 masters and 3
tservers overall).
No extra settings, flags used:

with best regards, Pavel Martynov

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