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From Jason Heo <jason.heo....@gmail.com>
Subject Physical Tablet Data size is larger than size in Chart Library.
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:02:27 GMT

I'm using Apache Kudu 1.2 on CDH 1.2.

I'm estimating how many servers needed to store my data.

After loading my test data sets,
total_kudu_on_disk_size_across_kudu_replicas in chart library at CDH is
27.9TB whereas sum of `du -sh /path/to/tablet_data/data` on each node is
39.9TB which is 43% bigger than chart library.

I also observed the same difference on my another Kudu test cluster.

I'm curious this is normal and wanted to know there is a way to reduce
physical file size.



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