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From Jason Heo <jason.heo....@gmail.com>
Subject Question about redistributing tablets on failure of a tserver.
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:53:17 GMT

I'm using Apache Kudu 1.2 on CDH 5.10.


I'm currently using Elasticsearch to serve web analytic service.
Elasticsearch is very easy to manage cluster. One nice feature of ES is
that I can disable allocation of shard (shard is similar to tablet of Kudu)
intentionally so that I can restart one of physical servers without
rebalancing shards. Or entire cluster can be rolling restarted.

I hope Apache Kudu has similar features.


I found that if a tserver doesn't respond for 5 minutes, it starts
replicating tablets. And "5 min" can be configured. So far so good.

Q1. Can I disable redistributing tablets on failure of a tserver? The
reason why I need this is described in Background.
Q2. redistribution goes on even if the failed tserver reconnected to
cluster. In my test cluster, it took 2 hours to distribute when a tserver
which has 3TB data was killed.
Q3. `--follower_unavailable_considered_failed_sec` can be changed without
restarting cluster?

I think this email is somewhat unclear. Please ask me again to clarify if
you could not understand me.



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