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From Alexandre Fouché <afou...@onfocus.io>
Subject How to reuse tablet server UUID, or removing old one
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2017 14:34:00 GMT
Hi all

I have searched and searched, but could not find how to tell that a
previous tablet server uuid is to be removed
I had to replace disks on tabletserver5, so i deleted all data, since there
were replicas on other servers. Now that i restarted Kudu on tabletserver5
with empty data, it initialised fine, but since (i saw afterwards on webUI)
it has a new UUID, it is recognised as a new server, and it does not resync
its tablets replcas with other tablet servers (edited). It has the same
hostname as before but different UUID

And in WebUI, i see the same tabletserver5 with the previous UUID marked as

How can i tel Kudu to completely remove the dead tabletserver5 UUID and
populate the new tabletserver5 UUID instead ?

the `kudu` command line tool does not seem to allow to delete a tablet
server UUID, or decommission
so how ?

Or other way, how can i recreate an empty Kudu tablet server reusing my old

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