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From Frank Heimerzheim <fh.or...@gmail.com>
Subject Kudu Cloudera with Python (Notebook)
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2016 17:19:48 GMT

I´ve installed kudu on an cloudera cluster from a parcel and like to use
the python api with this installation. Sadly i can´t figure out how to use
the api. Normaly i´m looking at https://anaconda.org/search for a package
and install it. Sadly for kudu no package is available upto today. So i´ve
read https://github.com/apache/kudu/tree/master/python. As i´m within an
air gap installation of the cluster i can´t just start "pip install
kudu-python". I´ve already downloaded the tar from
https://pypi.python.org/pypi/kudu-python. Still missing is a tar or some
equivalent for the apparently needed c++ libraries. And then still i need
to place all files somewhere so i can import kudu from my IPython notebook.

As i´m more a developer and not so much someone using the shell so often
i´m stuck. Can someone provide me a *.bz2 for installation with anaconda or
any other package including all necessary files with the ones needed for
the c++ api?

I´m also glad with a (step by step) guide or any help at all.


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