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From "jacky.he@gmail.com" <jacky...@gmail.com>
Subject abnormal high disk I/O rate when upsert into kudu table?
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2016 15:13:02 GMT
Dear Kudu Developers, 

I am a new tester for kudu, our kudu cluster has 3+12 nodes, 3 seperated master node and 12
tablet node, 
each node has 128GB memory, and 1 SSD for WAL, 6 1TB SAS for data

we are using CDH 5.7.0 with impala-kudu 2.7.0 and kudu 0.9.1 parcels, we set 16GB memory hard
limit for each tablet node.

one of our test table is about 80-100 columns and 1 key column, with java client, we can insert/upsert
into the kudu table about 100,000/s
the kudu table has 300m rows, and about 300,000 rows update per day, we also use java client
upsert API to update the rows

we found the kudu cluster maybe encounter abnormal high disk I/O rate, about 1.5-2.0Gb/s,
even we just update 1,000~10,000 rows/s
i would like to know, with our row update frequency, is the cluster high disk rate normal
or not?


Best Regards
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