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From Benjamin Kim <bbuil...@gmail.com>
Subject Performance Question
Date Sat, 28 May 2016 01:04:48 GMT
I am just curious. How will Kudu compare with Aerospike (http://www.aerospike.com)? I went
to a Spark Roadshow and found out about this piece of software. It appears to fit our use
case perfectly since we are an ad-tech company trying to leverage our user profiles data.
Plus, it already has a Spark connector and has a SQL-like client. The tables can be accessed
using Spark SQL DataFrames and, also, made into SQL tables for direct use with Spark SQL ODBC/JDBC
Thriftserver. I see from the work done here http://gerrit.cloudera.org:8080/#/c/2992/ that
the Spark integration is well underway and, from the looks of it lately, almost complete.
I would prefer to use Kudu since we are already a Cloudera shop, and Kudu is easy to deploy
and configure using Cloudera Manager. I also hope that some of Aerospike’s speed optimization
techniques can make it into Kudu in the future, if they have not been already thought of or

Just some thoughts…

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