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From "Andrew Wong (Code Review)" <ger...@cloudera.org>
Subject [kudu-CR] [util] Don't use static function ptrs for non-static member functions in BlockBloom filter
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2020 06:27:03 GMT
Andrew Wong has posted comments on this change. ( http://gerrit.cloudera.org:8080/15767 )

Change subject: [util] Don't use static function ptrs for non-static member functions in BlockBloom

Patch Set 1: Code-Review+1


Commit Message:

PS1, Line 25: - Uses non-static member function pointers for Insert/Find that are initialized
            : in constructor(this is same as the change before introduction of OrEqual functions)
            : avoiding the branch in Insert/Find.
            : - Doesn't use a static function pointer for OrEqual functions and checks for
            : capability at run-time on every invocation.
> Insert/Find are not static member functions whereas OrEqual functions are. 
Ah I see. In that case, could you update the preface to these bullets? The main difference
between Insert/Find and OrEqualArray isn't how common they are. One is dependent on data members,
the other is static. It'd be better to highlight that up front -- I misinterpreted this block
and thought it meant that we are taking different approaches to fix the same problem because
of differences in how hot the codepaths are.

File src/kudu/util/block_bloom_filter.h:

PS1, Line 270: to
> "to" is intended here.
Ah, seems I misinterpreted this. I think mentioning static/non-static here is a bit confusing
given these are now squarely non-static, and the pointed-to functions are also non-static.
Consider removing the "Note:" entirely.

File src/kudu/util/block_bloom_filter.cc:

PS1, Line 284: #ifdef USE_AVX2
             :   if (has_avx2()) {
             :     BlockBloomFilter::OrEqualArrayAVX2(n, in, out);
             :   } else {
             :     BlockBloomFilter::OrEqualArrayNoAVX2(n, in, out);
             :   }
             : #else
             :   BlockBloomFilter::OrEqualArrayNoAVX2(n, in, out);
             : #endif
> OrEqual variant functions are static so will need to use a std::once_flag t

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