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From Andre Schlegel <andre.schle...@virtimo.de>
Subject Build distributed karaf with a specified version of pax-jdbc
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2019 08:46:01 GMT

I'm building a karaf (4.2.6) with the karaf-maven-plugin and the
jdbc-feature. The jdbc-feature depends on pax-jdbc version 1.3.5. Now I'm
facing a bug in the pax-jdbc-config feature and I want to use the version
1.3.0 which has not the bug.

Can you tell me, how to set the version of this feature? I tried to add the
version number, but the dependencies from karaf are always used. Here is a
snippet from my pom:

                        <feature>jdbc/4.2.2</feature> <!-- Karaf 4.2.2 is
using pax-jdbc 1.3.0 -->


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