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From Christian Schneider <ch...@die-schneider.net>
Subject Behaviour of BundleState for scr
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 10:19:53 GMT
We are currently determining the BundleState for SCR similar to blueprint
and spring.

A bundle is shown as waiting when a component is missing any service or

For diag I think this is totally fine but I think it often looks strange in
the bundle list "la".

At least in sling but I think also in many other declarative services based
projects service dependencies or config dependencies are often used as a
kind of feature toggle.
So you might want to switch a backend or enable / disable functionality by
adding or removing config.
In this case it is strange when the bundle is listed as waiting while in
effect it is behaving completely normal.

So I see two ways of improving this:

1. Treat BundleState differently for scr and never report waiting because
of missing scr deps.
This would require some ugly special handling.

2. Simply show both the OSGi bundle state as well as the state from
BundleState service as two different columns in la.
We could name the column "diag state" or "injection state" to distinguish
from the OSGi bundle state.



Christian Schneider

Computer Scientist

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