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From "Lorr, Sebastian" <Sebastian.L...@its-digital.de>
Subject Cellar config synchronization
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2019 08:41:32 GMT
Hi there,

i notice a strange behaviour when synchronizing configs in a cellar cluster.

I wanted one master giving its configuration to all other node in clustergroup.

Here what i 've got:

Karaf 4.1.5

Cellar 4.1.3

on Ubuntu 4.14

What i did after unziping and starting 2 karafs:

First on node1, then on node 2:

# install cellar

- feature:repo-add cellar

- feature:install cellar cellar-dosgi cellar-log
# first disable all sync on cluster
- cluster:sync --bundle disabled
- cluster:sync --config disabled
- cluster:sync --feature disabled
- cluster:sync --obr disabled
# create clustergroup
- cluster:group-create my_cluster
- cluster:group-pick default my_cluster

Now i wanted to setup synchronization.
I opend <karaf node1>/etc/org.apache.kara.cellar.groups.cfg and changed the synchronization
to only send config-changes to my_cluster:
my_cluster.config.sync = NodeOnly

Now i opened the same file on node2 and surprise: the value was already set to NodeOnly. Even
if  my_cluster.config.blacklist contains for inbound and outbound org.apache.karaf.cellar.groups.cfg

So i changed the value on node2 to "clusterOnly" to apply changes from cluster without sending
changes. Then i doublechecked the value on node1. Again surprise: it changed its value to

Now my question: What did i wrong? I expected, that i could configure the nodes in a clustergroup
with different values. Is this not possible?

Thanks in Advance,


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