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From Jesse White <je...@opennms.org>
Subject featuresBoot & .kar files
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 23:09:44 GMT

We're interested in leveraging .kar files to help package plugins and
extend our platform but we've run into a snag.

If a .kar file contains many features and we want to let the user
control which feature(s) to install, is there a way to have these
features installed automatically on a clean start?

So far we've tried setting 'Karaf-Feature-Start=false' in the .kar files
manifest to prevent *all* of the features from being automatically
installed. User's can then configure and install the features they need,
but there doesn't appear to be a built-in way to make these persist
after a clean start.

Normally we would use the 'featuresBoot' property for this, but in the
case of a clean start it appears that the .kar and the feature
repository defined in the .kar are not yet available when these
statements are processed.

I'm wondering if there's a way around this that we're not aware of. If
there isn't, is there any interest in solving this use case directly in

There are some more details on our use case and what we've tried here:


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