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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré ...@nanthrax.net>
Subject Re: What's the recommended way of reading configuration?
Date Sun, 03 Dec 2017 13:55:40 GMT
I didn't mean ManagedService using DS, I meant using DS configuration (which is 
basically a managed service.

When using @Component, we implicitly have a configuration link to the component 
injected via activate and the ComponentContext (getProperties).

I disagree about @Referece to ConfigurationAdmin: in some use cases, it makes 
sense. Look in Karaf Cellar for instance.


On 12/03/2017 01:10 PM, Timothy Ward wrote:
>> I would more recommend a ManagedService or inject the ConfigAdmin service.
> This is really bad advice, and Steinar should definitely not do either of these 
> things (nor should other readers of this mail chain).
>   * Steinar has already indicated that he wants to use Declarative Services, so
>     implementing ManagedService is both unnecessary and ties him to an API that
>     he has no need to implement. It also prevents him from using Component
>     Property Types, defaults, annotations, and forces him to use Dictionary for
>     his configuration. Finally, it also makes his component’s lifecycle
>     management harder, as he would have to manage all the reconfiguration
>     dynamics himself.
>   * Injecting the Config Admin service is inevitably the wrong way for any user
>     to read configuration in OSGi. The only people who should ever access the
>     ConfigurationAdmin service directly are management agents like Felix File
>     Install and Felix Web Console (and whatever component in Karaf does the same
>     job).
> The correct way to consume configuration in DS is to receive it via your 
> activate method - if you think that you need to do something else then you have 
> most likely got the wrong design.
> If you’re not using DS then most component frameworks still provide you with 
> configuration in a similar way (injection of a map). If you’re determined to do 
> things the hard way (without a framework) then, and only then, should you 
> implement ManagedService or ManagedServiceFactory, and you should absolutely 
> never try to consume your configuration directly from the Configuration Admin 
> service (it’s simply not designed to be used this way).
> Regards,
> Tim
>> On 3 Dec 2017, at 10:41, Jean-Baptiste Onofré <jb@nanthrax.net 
>> <mailto:jb@nanthrax.net>> wrote:
>> I would more recommend a ManagedService or inject the ConfigAdmin service.
>> Regards
>> JB
>> On 12/03/2017 09:41 AM, Steinar Bang wrote:
>>> What's the recommended way for an OSGi bundle running inside karaf to
>>> access its configuration?
>>> Get an OSGi service of type ConfigMBean[1]?
>>> Get an OSGi servie of type ConfigRepository[2]?
>>> Or maybe avoid karaf dependencies, and get an OSGi service of type
>>> ConfigurationAdmin[3]...?
>>> Does anyone know of code examples of any of the three approaches?
>>> Preferrably DS w/annotation based code examples?
>>> Thanks!
>>> - Steinar
>>> References:
>>> [1] 
>>> <https://github.com/apache/karaf/blob/master/config/src/main/java/org/apache/karaf/config/core/ConfigMBean.java>
>>> [2] 
>>> <https://github.com/apache/karaf/blob/master/config/src/main/java/org/apache/karaf/config/core/ConfigRepository.java>
>>> [3] <https://osgi.org/javadoc/r4v42/org/osgi/service/cm/ConfigurationAdmin.html>
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