Hi Tim,

I use a JPAEntityManagerProviderFactory (providerFactory) which I inject as a service reference into my repository class.
Furthermore, I inject a EntityManagerFactory (emf) into the repository class as well as the TransactionControl (txControl).

The provider Factory is created by pax-jdbc (I use hibernate).

This provider factory is then used to get the Entity manager like this:

EntityManager em = providerFactory.getProviderFor(emf, null).getResource(txControl);

It fails giving an exception telling that transaction cannot be joined, because it's not open.

The wrapping call is like this:
                        () -> repo.store(article));

Best, Alexander.

Hi Alexander,

Do you have a code example of how you’re obtaining and using the EntityManager? There should be no usage of the OSGiJtaPlatform from the tx-control XA JPA resource provider, which means that there’s either a bug in the resource provider, or something is misconfigured. If you are a member of the Aries user mailing list then that would be a better place to continue this discussion.



On 13 Sep 2017, at 09:21, Guillaume Nodet <gnodet@apache.org> wrote:

Fwiw, you should ask on the Aries mailing list, where tx-control is developed.

I've recently worked on a new project called pax-transx which provides an abstraction layer on top of transaction managers so that some features can be accessed in a common way.  I think this should be used in tx-control instead of wrapping the tm again and not being flexible.
Right now, tx-control uses its own instance of transaction manager and there's no way around afaik, so you can't use the karaf transaction feature if you want to use it.
Anyway, I'd gladly support you if you go to the aries mailing list to raise this point !

2017-09-13 9:52 GMT+02:00 <alexander.sahler@brodos.de>:

I'm trying to get tx-control with XA transactions running (local is working).
I found that tx-control opens a JTA transaction using RecoveryWorkAroundTransactionManager (derived from geronimo's TransactionManager Implementation) explicitly instead of using the registered TransactionManager (aries in my case for karaf 4.0.9). When hibernate EntityManager implementation tries to join the transaction it fails because it uses the TransactionManager provided by OsgiJtaPlatform (from hibernate-osgi) which is of course the one registered in osgi ecosystem.

I think that the tx-control implementation has to use the TransactionManager registered with OSGi.

Has anyone got that thing ever running?

Best Alexander.

Guillaume Nodet