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From t..@quarendon.net
Subject Developing for karaf
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 11:48:25 GMT
I'm trying to get an idea of how people go about developing for karaf, from a practical point
of view.

So karaf is maven focused. There are archetypes for creating command, general bundles and
so on.
I can then use maven to generate some eclipse project files that allow me to write and compile
my code within eclipse. I guess if I need extra dependencies, I have to edit my pom and hopefully
eclipse picks this up (never really done serious maven development, so I don't know how this
process really works).

When I want to try something out, I have to perform a maven build, start up a copy of karaf,
install the bundle (or bundles) into it, then try out my new code? All from the command line?
What about debugging? You start karaf with the "debug" option and then remotely connect eclipse
to the karaf instance so that you can then place breakpoints and step through the code if
necessary? Does it just magically find all the source code?

Just trying to get a picture of what the expected workflow is and whether I'm missing anything.
We're used to doing things in bndtools where you've got eclipse tooling for everything, so
I'm just trying to do a mental reset really on what a "karaf/maven centric" development environment
and process would look like. (I'm aware of the "Integrate Apache Karaf and Bnd toolchain"
article, but we've had limited success with it beyond simple "hello world" examples. Maybe
we just need more perseverance).


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