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From Guillaume Nodet <gno...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Writing commands for karaf shell.
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 15:52:28 GMT
Right now, stick with the Karaf annotations if you want to deploy your
commands in Karaf.  It works and it's supported.
My previous comment was more a reply to Christian about what needs to be
done to support gogo commands in the future.

2017-07-21 17:27 GMT+02:00 <tom@quarendon.net>:

> > If you look at Karaf >= 4.1.x, a bunch of commands are not coming from
> > Karaf anymore, but from Gogo or JLine.  I moved them when working on the
> > gogo / jline3 integration.  The main point that was blocking imho is that
> > they did not have completion support.  With the new fully scripted
> > completion system from gogo-jline, gogo commands can have full
> completion,
> > so I don't see any blocking points anymore.  It's just about tracking
> > commands and registering them in the karaf shell.
> I'm sorry, but I don't really understand what you're saying. You're
> talking about impediments to making changes to Karaf? Or how I go about
> writing commands?
> Sorry, just not following.
> Fundamentally, should commands that I write using apache felix gogo
> command features such as the Parameter and Description annotations, and the
> CommandService interface work? Or if I want to do something other than a
> simple "hello world", do I need to work out how to use the karaf shell from
> within bndtools so that I can write commands using the Karaf command
> framework?
> Thanks.

Guillaume Nodet

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