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From Steinar Bang ...@dod.no>
Subject Re: Experiences with karaf and liquibase?
Date Fri, 26 May 2017 19:49:31 GMT
>>>>> Castor <ygorcastor@gmail.com>:

> Hello Steinar! I'm using liquibase in karaf for some time, and to fix that
> you need to repackage the liquibase-slf4j for it to be a fragment of the
> liquibase bundle. Here's how: 

> https://gist.github.com/YgorCastor/44fb3a13520d28aa328c4975f8bf5e8c

Right! Thanks! Fragments have always been a mystery to me...:-)
Any idea why thi will work and the more regular OSGi ways don't work?
Something to do with classloaders...?

> You can also do the same thing using the wrap protocol, without the need to
> repackage liquibase-slf4j, but i remember i had some problems with that, i
> don't recall what happened. 

I've tried using the wrap protocol in karaf with the existing
liquibase-slf4j maven dependency but that didn't work.

And what I have now is similar: I've subclassed AbstractLogger in a
class residing in package liquibase.ext.logging.

This works in the unit tests, but not in an OSGi context.

The bundle exports the liquibase.ext.logging

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