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From "Brad Red Hat" <bradj...@redhat.com>
Subject RE: Karaf IoT
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2017 19:35:26 GMT
I certainly understand the "short of time" problem. It just happens that I
have a bit of a window right now and would like to get into it a bit deeper.

Whether a Karaf/PAX/Felix implementation is more appropriate under the aegis
of Kura or as a separate project that leverages the Kura driver bundles is
hard to say.  I guess that would depend on a couple of things.

1. How amenable they are to a more top down approach that starts with OSGi
service mechanics and drives down to meet the driver bundles?
2. Does an Eclipse foundation project have any interest in an Karaf branch

On point 1, I think Kura really does need a better service structure in
order to be a successful OSGi project.  Those higher level bundles and API
interfaces should be a part of the project. What we don't want, obviously,
is something that acts more like a WAR with all the classes of every jar
file simply exported to the world from their individual bundles

On point 2, it is reasonable for Kura to swing either way.  It is an Eclipse
foundation project and there isn't any particular reason they should support
other frameworks.  There isn't a reason they couldn't or shouldn't either.
Part of the answer to point 2 is also how enthusiastic any particular
community is about such a project.

More thought and research is necessary since I'm just getting into it.


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From: chris.gray@kiffer.ltd.uk [mailto:chris.gray@kiffer.ltd.uk] 
Sent: Monday, January 2, 2017 12:57 PM
To: user@karaf.apache.org
Subject: RE: Karaf IoT

I share most of Brad's concerns; at first I was very interested in OpenHAB
but after playing with it for a bit I began to think about designing a new
service layer and then seeing if I could fit the OpenHAB native libraries to

OpenHAB corroborates my "PDE considered harmful" theory; it must be possible
to use OSGi idioms effectively while developing in Eclipse PDE, but it
doesn't seem to happen in practice.

So Brad, I am right with you and I would like to help - but I am seriously
short of time at the moment :-(

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