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From Alex Soto <alex.s...@envieta.com>
Subject SCR Reference annotation on field
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2016 21:43:49 GMT

I am new SCR, but based on the "The OSGi Alliance OSGi Compendium, Release 6 July 2015"  the
Reference annotation can be applied to fields.

Identify the annotated member as a reference of a Service Component. When the annotation is
applied to a method, the method is the bind method of the reference. When the annotation is
applied to a field, the field will contain the bound service(s) of the reference. This annotation
is not processed at runtime by Service Component Runtime. It must be processed by tools and
used to add a Component Description to the bundle. In the generated Component Description
for a component, the references must be ordered in ascending lexicographical order (using
String.compareTo ) of the reference names.

The reference element of a Component Description. CLASS

However, the actual jar declaring this annotation from Maven import: 

Does not support Field, only Method.  So I can’t apply the @Reference annotation to fields.

What am I missing? 

Best regards,

Alex soto

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