well, it's a jvm therefore it can't release leaked memory. So do you update web-bundles often? Cause I think we had a leak issue with the web:list command, as it holds reference to the web-bundle, but this should be fixed with the latest versions. 

regards, Achim 

2016-05-02 19:11 GMT+02:00 Srikanth Hugar <srikanth.hugar@gmail.com>:

It's permgen space issue. It seems to be our bundle issue. But what I wanted to know is whether if we uninstall bundle will it release the memory which is leaked?

On May 2, 2016 10:28 PM, "Jean-Baptiste Onofré" <jb@nanthrax.net> wrote:

on which space is the memory leak ? Perm or Heap ?

I remember to have seen memory leak on the perm when doing lot of bundle:update/bundle:restart. Is it your case ?


On 05/02/2016 06:39 PM, Srikanth Hugar wrote:
Hi All,

   I have some memory leaks in one of my bundles deployed in karaf (with
jetty). Wanted to know whether uninstall of bundle releases the memory?
I tried to uninstall bundle from webconsole, but memory not released.

Is there anyway to release the memory if we uninstall the bundle?

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