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From David Jencks <david_jen...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Bundle startup
Date Wed, 04 May 2016 03:42:30 GMT
Hmm, that doesn’t look to me like the scr command output so I’m not able to completely
trust it.
If you turn up DS logging what does it show?  I’m not sure how to do this in karaf, but
you need to set the log service to output debug level, and also set the scr property ds.loglevel=debug
either in ds configuration or as a framework property.  You should see a lot of info when
your component starts and in particular what happens when it looks for the UserAdmin reference.
 If the UserAdmin hasn’t started yet you should see more activity when it does start from
the service event.

Is there any isolation in your karaf instance, perhaps subsystems or regions?

david jencks

> On May 3, 2016, at 8:16 PM, David Leangen <apache@leangen.net> wrote:
> Hi, David,
>> There must be a lot more going on for this to fail.  This kind of situation normally
works fine with scr.  If you turn up ds logging, what do you see as the reason your component
won’t start?  What does the console say about the state of the component (assuming the console
uses the scr commands or equivalent info).
> When I do scr:list, I get this:
>  [  68]   mypackage.oauth2.credentials  enabled
>     [   2] [unsatisfied reference] 
> So I try this:
> karaf@root()> scr:details mypackage.oauth2.credentials
> Component Details
>   Name                : mypackage.oauth2.credentials
>   State               : UNSATISFIED
> References
>   Reference           : useradmin
>     State             : unsatisfied
>     Multiple          : single
>     Optional          : mandatory
>     Policy            : static
>     Service Reference : No Services bound
> But I can also see:
> karaf@root()> bundle:services 87
> UserAdmin (87) provides:
> ------------------------
> [org.osgi.service.useradmin.UserAdmin]
> So, there is a UserAdmin, but my component does not get wired with it.
>> Also be careful with your terminology.  “enabled” is normally something your
don’t deal with and without really special circumstances all your components should be configured
as enabled by default.  You’d have to have code to enable them otherwise.  I suspect you
mean “activated”? or maybe “satisfied”?
> Indeed!
> “Unsatisfied” would be correct. Thanks for pointing this out.
> Cheers,
> =David

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