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From Morgan Hautman <morgan.haut...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: karaf/profile related talk&samples
Date Tue, 10 May 2016 13:16:01 GMT
Hi Maciek,

Thank you very much for the share!


2016-05-10 14:24 GMT+02:00 Maciek Próchniak <mpr@touk.pl>:

> Hi,
> last week I gave a talk at VoxxedDays Istanbul "Microservices,
> 'Enterprise' and Conway's law".
> As you can imagine, the title is just a disguise to be able to talk a bit
> about karaf&osgi ;)
> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1E5qJbe36_-4odK-MwaguihbUuBrserZ3DM8IxjTHqok/edit#slide=id.g993e76dc3_0_30
> - here are the slides,
> and here: https://github.com/mproch/profiles-demo is the code. It's
> mostly similar to what Christian is showing in his great tutorials,
> but with more focus on profile repository.
> Actually we plan to use profiles in following way (currently we're still
> stuck with RH Fabric8 1.x...):
> - our system is quite complex integration platform, evolved after many
> years of development on SMX3
> - we want to keep profiles repository on our clients gitlab
> - vendors implement services (=bundles) and deploy them to Nexus installed
> at clients location
> - profiles define configuration but also how to assemble whole Karaf
> containers (
> https://github.com/mproch/profiles-demo/tree/master/registry/src/main/profiles/assembly
> )
> - when deployment time comes client/jenkins build appropriate Karaf image
> (via static profiles), tag appropriate commit in profile gitlab repository
> and deploys it
> - for us, the big benefit is that the client can decide how many servers
> he wants, how to configure them and where to deploy services (there are a
> few vendors building services), as it is separated from actual bundles
> Currently we do mostly the same with RH Fabric8, but it's based on karaf
> 2.x and on complex hotdeployment mechanisms which are v. fragile and error
> prone.
> Just wanted to share it as I find that there's not much
> documentation/examples of profiles, except those in Karaf codebase, while
> we think it's really nice&powerful feature.
> thanks,
> maciek

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