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From David Leangen <apa...@leangen.net>
Subject Bundle startup
Date Wed, 04 May 2016 02:58:45 GMT


When I start up Karaf, all my bundles are activated, but a component service is one bundle
is not enabled.

The service does not start because it is not provided with a UserAdmin. Judging by the ordering,
this is surely true when the system starts.

When I log into the console (after all bundles have activated), I can see that there is indeed
a UserAdmin. If I restart my bundle, the UserAdmin dependency is wired and my component gets
enabled. If I restart the container after that, there are no problems. This problem only occurs
upon initial startup.

I suspect this is a bug with SCR. Likely, after the initial try, it does not try to activate
the component again even if it finds a UserAdmin. But before I file a bug, does anybody have
any suggestions as to how I can confirm?


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