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From Aki Yoshida <elak...@gmail.com>
Subject How to avoid getting two servicemix-specs versions when installing camel or cxf 's feature
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2015 09:38:23 GMT
Originally, I posted the following mail to dev@camel regarding this issue.

Currently, both camel and cxf have their features that directly
installing some servicemix-specs bundles. This leads to the problem
mentioned in the above mail thread that installing camel-cxf leads to
installing two versions of servicemix-spec because camel-2.15.2 is
using smx-specs 2.2.0 while cxf-3.0.4 referred in camel-2.15.2 is
using smx-specs 2.4.0.

I am wondering if we need to define this feature (e.g., feature
stax-api-1.0) outside of camel and cxf and both refer to this external
feature using the appropriate version range e.g. [2.2,3) or we can
locally solve this problem within camel and cxf's feature definitions?

I would appreciate for your comments.

regards, aki

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