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From Christopher Arnold <carn...@ptc.com>
Subject Issues with karaf-maven-plugin and ActiveMQ 5.9.1-SNAPSHOT
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2014 20:51:45 GMT
I've run into an issue with the karaf-maven-plugin's assembly packaging 
and changes to ActiveMQ's features files upcoming in 5.9.1.  We are 
using a custom build of ActiveMQ 5.9.0 cherry-picking some OSGi fixes 
from the upcoming 5.9.1 release:

4689b43aff001c975d70270f59add0f661803698 - AMQ-4844
014ba867cbc0b005b32dc6303ca214ce917b68be - AMQ-4909.

The main issue is that they've split their feature file into two parts, 
org.apache.activemq/activemq-karaf/5.9.1-SNAPSHOT/xml/features and 
Their features.xml has a <repository> reference to features-core.xml.  
The issue is that the karaf-maven-plugin doesn't read the repository 
element so the resulting assembly lacks both features-core.xml and the 
bundles those features reference. Also, adding features-core.xml as a 
maven dependency doesn't work either since it's classifier is 
features-core rather than features. I know there's a bunch of fixes for 
the plugin coming in 3.0.1 so I tried this with a build of the latest of 
the 3.0.x branch and it still has issues. With 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT the 
assembly contains the features-core.xml but none of the bundles 
referenced by those features. Is this something you'd consider a bug in 
the karaf-maven-plugin or is using a features file with classifier 
features-core considered a no-no and should be forwarded to the ActiveMQ 


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