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From Krzysztof Sobkowiak <krzys.sobkow...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Third-Party Licensing Policy
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2014 12:02:04 GMT
By the way, which project would be the best final place for the solution 
with AspectJ?   Karaf (in this case karaf-extra) or Aries (aries-extra)?

Best regards

On 10.01.2014 08:06, Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
>> I use an example again  - AspectJ is licensed under EPL 1.0 license.
>> Assume I'd like to implement a WeavingHook using the AspectJ classes
>> (reference AspectJ as maven dependency and use the classes in my code).
>> Does it mean, my code can not be included in Apache licensed project,
>> but I can implement the hook in a project under other license and
>> eventually reference it in Karaf feature?
> Correct, you can't include in Apache project. You can create your 
> project outside of Apache project and reference it. Same as before: 
> you can do your WeavingHook in karaf-extra.

Krzysztof Sobkowiak

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