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From Krzysztof Sobkowiak <krzys.sobkow...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Third-Party Licensing Policy
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 06:36:32 GMT

Thanks for answers. I need still some clarifications. I'll use some samples

On 10.01.2014 05:44, Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
> Hi
> It's a difference between inclusion, usage, and reference.
> For instance, GPL license is a intrusive license. It means that any 
> software that use a code under GPL has to be itself under the GPL 
> license. That's why you can't use GPL in a Apache project. It's the 
> case for usage, inclusion or reference.
> LGPL is a bit permissive in the cave of reference. LGPL is a Category 
> X for inclusion and usage. It means that it's not possible to use LGPL 
> if the project embeds some jar under LGPL, or ship some code (like 
> copy/paste) under LGPL. However, if you just reference the project 
> without embedding it, and it's an user action to actually download and 
> add the LGPL jar, it's fine.
I don't know if I have understood it correctly. I can reference 
Hibernate libraries in Karaf feature (e.g. because it is referenced by 
other library which is also included in Karaf feature ans uses the code 
from Hibernate or because we need Hibernate as JPA provider) . But I can 
not implement any sample with Karaf which shows, how to use Spring with 
plain Hibernate, because the Hibernate  code (e.g. SessionFactory) would 
be referenced in this code. But I can implement such a sample outside 
Karaf (probably under another license, which? LGPL?) and eventually 
reference the sample somewhere in the Karaf feature like the Hibernate 

> Regarding your question:
> 1/ category A
> 2/ category A
> 3/ category A and B
> 4/ category A and B (and we have to "publish" the changes)

Does it mean I can copy some code (e.g. classes) from category B library 
into Apache licensed project, eventually change the code, and and ship 
it as part of this project (usage 3 and 4) but I can not reference the 
category B libraries as maven dependencies and use the classes from the 
dependencies in Apache licensed project (usage 1 and 2)?

I use an example again  - AspectJ is licensed under EPL 1.0 license. 
Assume I'd like to implement a WeavingHook using the AspectJ classes 
(reference AspectJ as maven dependency and use the classes in my code). 
Does it mean, my code can not be included in Apache licensed project, 
but I can implement the hook in a project under other license and 
eventually reference it in Karaf feature?

Best regards

> 5/ all
> 6/ category A and B
> Regards
> JB
> On 01/09/2014 11:35 PM, Krzysztof Sobkowiak wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have some licensing questions.
>> I have found following page http://www.apache.org/legal/3party.html
>> which defines 3 categories of third party licenses. According to this
>> page LGPL v2.1 is category X, but further remark says, the
>> LGPL-v2.1-licensed work can be listed as system requirements but can not
>> be included  by Apache products. I'm not good in licensing but I try to
>> understand it.  Is the category of LGPL really B (and the page should be
>> corrected) or is the LGP category X.  In the second case, can we still
>> list Hibernate in Karaf features (e.g. using the remark about listing of
>> system requirements)?
>> Assume following use cases of third-party work usage:
>> 1. reference 3rd-party library as (maven) dependency and use the classes
>> in ASF code
>> 2. reference 3rd-party library as (maven) dependency and use the classes
>> only in ASF configuration files (e.g. blueprint.xml)
>> 3. include/copy some unmodified 3rd-party code (e.g. some classes) in
>> ASF project
>> 4. include/copy some 3rd-party code (e.g. some classes) in ASF project
>> and modify it
>> 5. list some 3rd-party libraries in Karaf features, but not include them
>> as binaries in one of the Karaf distributions
>> 6. list some 3rd-party libraries in Karaf features, and  include them as
>> binaries in one of the Karaf distributions in system repository
>> Could anybody please answer which of above points are allowed for
>> following 3rd-party works
>> a. category A as the whole category - I assume, all above use cases are
>> allowed in this category, is it ok?
>> b. category B as the whole category
>> c. category X as the whole category
>> d. LGPL
>> e. GPL
>> f. EPL
>> I have chosen Karaf as sample ASF project, but it could be any other ASF
>> project, e.g. ServiceMix or Aries
>> Do the rules from the page mentioned above apply only for ASF projects
>> or for any project licensed under Apache License?
>> Best regards
>> Krzysztof

Krzysztof Sobkowiak

JEE & OSS Architect | Technical Architect @ Capgemini
Capgemini <http://www.pl.capgemini.com/> | Software Solutions Center 
<http://www.pl.capgemini-sdm.com/> | Wroclaw
e-mail: krzys.sobkowiak@gmail.com <mailto:krzys.sobkowiak@gmail.com> | 
Twitter: @KSobkowiak

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