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From Giacomo Coletta <coletta.giac...@gmail.com>
Subject Kar features.xml file is not filtered
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:16:20 GMT

i started using the KARs archives, and creates a few KARS using the KAR

one problem I encountered is that the features.xml file included in the kar
in the generated maven project doesn't seem to be maven filtered by default.
I would like it to be filtered for managing the included karaf features and
bundles versions using maven properties like in the following example:

<features name="myfeatures-repo" version="${myfeatures-repo.version}">
    <feature name="myfeature" version="${myfeature.version}">


i was able to do this while including the features in an assembly using the
add-features-to-repo goal of the features-maven-plugin (features.xml was
filtered by default)

I tried to do the same with kars, but I was not able to get to this result
May be this is related to the fact that in the features-maven-pluging the
create-kar goal is tied to the package phase, while
the add-features-to-repo was in the compile phase.

Does anybody know a standard or easy way to have the features.xml file
maven filtered in KARs ?

Many Thanks


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