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From Scott England-Sullivan <sully6...@gmail.com>
Subject 3rd Party Feature Definitions
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 21:19:23 GMT
Hi all,

In a recent thread on the development list there was a discussion
regarding the release of Karaf 2.3.0 and the possibility of holding it
up to accommodate an update to Spring 3.1.  It struck me; why is Karaf
tied to a 3rd party release at all?  Why isn't the modular container
itself modular?  Why aren't 3rd party support modules such as Spring
deployers externalized and allowed to progress at their own pace?
Third party dependent modules should be developed against a given
release of Karaf, they shouldn't drive it.  There is a new
karaf-webconsole project so the precedence is there.

Karaf is a great, light-weight container which put a nice manageable
wrapper on OSGi with a great CLI, ConfigAdmin, provisioning, etc., and
IMHO should stay focused on just that at its core.  The capabilities
that are tied to simplifying 3rd party support are goodness but not
required and as such, shouldn't drive the cores development.

Now maybe you really can't separate one from the other though I don't
see where it is tightly coupled at.  I also understand it is a greater
challenge to manage because the project become fractured but maybe
Karaf is at that point.

In reality I am good either way but thought it was worth discussing.

Best Regards,
Scott ES

Scott England-Sullivan
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