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From Bengt Rodehav <be...@rodehav.com>
Subject Apache Karaf 2.3.0 vs 2.2.x
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 11:47:20 GMT
Just a question since I've seen that Karaf 2.3.0 is in the works.

I've just encountered a bug in Aries Proxy 0.3 (Aries-908 in JIRA) that
causes Proxy 0.3  to fail with JVM 1.6.0_33 and later. This has been fixed
in Aries but I noticed that Karaf 2.2.9 still uses Proxy 0.3. Karaf 2.3.0
seems to have been upgrade to Proxy 1.0 (which should work).

Are there any plans to release a Karaf 2.2.10 with a new proxy version?
Otherwise, I believe many people may encounter the same problem I did when
upgrading their JVM version. For me personally I'm waiting for the 2.3.0 to
be released and then I'll upgrade my custom distribution. Not sure how
people generally do this but a 2.2.10 with an upgraded proxy might be
needed for some people.


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