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From Geoffry Roberts <geoffry.robe...@gmail.com>
Subject Karaf and the Eclipse Modeling Framework
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 18:40:49 GMT

Once upon a time I (2 years ago) I did a project where I ran everything in a
standalone OSGi container, which was equinox.  I made extensive use of EMF
(Eclipse Modeling Framework) in said project and all went well.

I now would like use EMF again but with Karaf.  Doing so means taking on the
number of dependencies that emf relies on.  I tried deploying these
dependencies into Karaf running with the felix framework and all they did
was throw errors.  Only one would even start.  So I switched the framework
to equinox.  I did an osgi:list and it now shows there are no bundles
running at all.

Do I have to reinstall everything that was running with felix? Is there a
way to avoid this?

Karaf and EMF: Has anyone else tried this?

Geoffry Roberts

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