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From Raj Saini <rajsa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Application Developer Setup
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2011 16:57:10 GMT

I found KarafEclipse plug 
useful. It provides a OSGi server runtime similar to the JEE server 
runtime. All your workspace plug-ins are deployed automatically and you 
may just to need to refresh your bundles after making changes to the source.

I had some difficulties in setting it up in the beginning. I am not sure 
if it was due to older version of plugin or older version of Eclipse. 
Following combination is working well for me:

Eclipse : 3.7 (RCP + JEE) on Ubuntu 11.04
Update site: 



On Friday 22 July 2011 08:29 PM, Travis Klotz wrote:
> So what are developers that are building applications that will run in
> Karaf using for a development environment?  I'm going to be building a
> fairly large number of camel based OSGi bundles that will be running
> in Karaf.  Up to this point I have been building simple apps in
> eclipse, installing a bundle into my local maven repository and then
> starting up an external copy of Karaf and installing/updating the
> bundle using a mvn:XXXXX url.   For my experiments this has worked
> well enough, but it is a bit of a long feedback loop.   What are other
> people doing for an application development setup?   Is there any way
> to not have to leave eclpse or wait for a full maven build for each
> build/deploy iteration?
> Thanks,
> Travis

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