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From mikevan <mvangeert...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: Console extensions without blueprint
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 15:47:46 GMT


I would suggest attempting to implement your console extension using blueprint first to see
if this fixes your issue.  With few exceptions, I've found that converting webconsole extensions
from SpringDM to Blueprint to be fairly painless. 

I hope that helps. 

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From: "Sam Hendley [via Karaf]" <ml-node+3141216-574799608-228489@n3.nabble.com> 
To: "mikevan" <mvangeertruy@comcast.net> 
Sent: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 11:24:09 AM 
Subject: Re: Console extensions without blueprint 

Hello, I am trying to register commands without using blueprint but I am running into issues
and I wonder if I am fighting a losing battle. 

I based what I was doing on a mailing-list thread from January:  http://karaf.922171.n3.nabble.com/Console-extensions-without-blueprint-td2305019.html

I have been able to get the command somewhat registered without blueprint but they are not
functional when executed. 

karaf@root> sim:list 
Error executing command: Cannot coerce list() to any of [] 

I believe what is occurring is when blueprint processes the command-bundle it builds a "proxy"
Function object that handles the argument parsing and handling. Is that wrapping functionality
exposed outside of blueprint? 

Below is the ls output of my self-publishing attempt (63) and the blueprint created command


karaf@root> ls -a 63 

Reef Protocol Simulator (63) provides: 
objectClass = org.totalgrid.reef.protocol.api.Protocol 
protocol = benchmark 
service.id = 237 
objectClass = org.apache.felix.gogo.commands.Action 
osgi.command.function = list 
osgi.command.scope = sim 
service.id = 238 
karaf@root> ls -a 62 

Reef Admin Shell Extension (62) provides: 
objectClass = org.apache.karaf.shell.console.CompletableFunction, org.apache.felix.service.command.Function

osgi.command.function = resetdb 
osgi.command.scope = reef 
service.id = 172 


If need be I believe I can switch everything to blueprint but if it is possible I would like
to avoid that (without re-implementing too much of the command handling code). 

Sam Hendley 

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Mike Van
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