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From Freeman Fang <freeman.f...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Bundle Snapshot Update Issues
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2010 02:19:25 GMT

This is expected behavior.

I believe the snapshot bundle you're updating still used(such as  
import package) by other bundles. Let's say the snapshot bundle is  
bundle A, and another bundle B import package from Bundle A. So the  
scenario is that

Before you update Bundle A, in OSGi container

Bundle A in Revision1<============Bundle B in Revision1

After you update Bundle A, in OSGi container
Bundle A in Revision1<============Bundle B in Revision1 and there's  
also a Bundle A in Revision2(so here in the OSGi container two  
revisions for BundleA, but only  Revision1 take effect)
at this moment Bundle B in Revision1 still refer the Bundle A in  
Revision1, you need explicitly refresh Bundle A which in turn will  
cause all other bundles use(and transitively use) Bundle A to re- 
resolve(this operation is really heavy loaded work as so many bundles  
might be resolved again, it depend on if BundleA play a very basic  
bundle role), after that the new revision2 for BundleA take effect.

So after you refresh BundleA, in OSGi container,
Bundle A in Revision2<============Bundle B in Revision1
At this moment you changes for that snapshot BundleA take effect.

This kind of two-steps update/refresh operation avoid unnecessarily  
frequently resolving lots of bundles(as it's cpu consuming task), you  
can updated several bundles and then refresh  once to get all changes  
take effect as one goal, and this behavior is totally from OSGi spec.

The different scenario is that if the SNAPSHOT Bundle A is self-used,  
no other Bundles import package or OSGi service from Bundle A, then  
update BundleA means the new revision will take effect immediately.

Hope this helps

On 2010-12-31, at 上午8:59, khein wrote:

> I'm having trouble updating SNAPSHOT bundles via mvn.  The basic  
> scenario is
> that I run the Karaf server, make changes via an IDE to a bundle,  
> recompile
> and deploy the bundle to my local maven repository.  The attempt to  
> update
> the bundle.
> I can see pax-url-mvn tracking down the bundle in the correct  
> location (in
> my local repository), and it even posts a error message  
> appropriately if the
> bundle is not present (i.e. I've purposefully deleted it), so I know  
> it it
> attempting to load the newly built bundle.  If I stop Karaf and  
> restart, the
> changes are found and loaded.
> However, when I update and 'install' the bundle via maven, it still
> continues to stop/start the original bundle.  I can tell this via the
> logging I've put into the @PostCreate and @PreDestroy methods within  
> the
> bundle and by having pax-url-mvn logging in DEBUG mode.
> I've tried many configurations of the org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg file  
> and
> don't believe the issue is there any longer.  It seems that the  
> bundle is
> located, but never really 'loaded'.  Maybe it continues to use a  
> cached
> version?
> When I do an uninstall/install cycle I do get the different bundle  
> to load,
> however, the @PostConstruct message is no longer logged...but status  
> shows
> STARTED.  Very confusing.
> Help?  Any ideas what to look at in tracking this down?
> snipped of debug showing it is finding the SNAPSHOT appropriately:
> --- --- --- --- ---
> 13:33:56,147 | DEBUG | d-69 |  
> org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.internal.Connection
> | Collecting versions from repository
> [file:/Users/khein/.m2/repository/,releases=false,snapshots=true]
> 13:33:56,147 | DEBUG | d-69 |  
> org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.internal.Connection
> |   Resolving metadata
> 13:33:56,149 | DEBUG | d-69 |  
> org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.internal.Connection
> |   Resolving latest version
> 13:33:56,149 | DEBUG | d-69 |  
> org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.internal.Connection
> |   Resolving snapshot version [0.11.24-SNAPSHOT]
> 13:33:56,150 | DEBUG | d-69 |  
> org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.internal.Connection
> |   Resolving metadata
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Freeman Fang


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