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From Bengt Rodehav <be...@rodehav.com>
Subject Multiple instances of Karaf on same host
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2010 08:57:46 GMT
I'm investigating whether we can install a test version of Karaf
side-by-side (on the same host) as our production installation. For
different reasons this would be very useful for us.

One of the problems is to make sure that the two installations don't use the
same ports. This is what I've found out this far. I list both the production
and the test ports that I have chosen:

- rmiRegistryPort=1099 (prod), 1100 (test)

- org.osgi.service.http.port=8181 (prod), 8180 (test)
- org.osgi.service.http.port.secure=8443 (prod), 8444 (test)

- sshPort= 8101 (prod), 8102 (test)

Are the above all the ports I need to change in my test installation? I
realize of course that this is not only a Karaf issue depending on what
bundles I install but I'm interested to know whether I've missed anything
that´s part of Karaf that I need to reconfigure.

I also seem to get a Jetty instance using the port 8080 although I do not
configure that somewhere and I don't think it's really used for anything. I
get the following in my log:

2010-12-01 09:25:17,295 | DEBUG | Thread-8         | ServerControllerImpl
>           | ty.internal.ServerControllerImpl   74 | Configuring server
> [ServerControllerImpl{state=UNCONFIGURED}] -> [ConfigurationImpl{http
> enabled=true,http port=8080,http secure enabled=false,http secure
> port=8443,ssl keystore=C:\Documents and Settings\berodeha\.keystore,ssl
> keystoreType=null,session timeout=null,session url=null,session
> cookie=null,worker name=null,listening addresses=[Ljava.lang.String;@c9caf3
> }]

If possible, I would like not to use that port at all or at least have the
possibility to reconfigure it on my test installation.


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