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From Francois Papon <francois.pa...@openobject.fr>
Subject [Decanter] - Collector socket improvement
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 06:06:18 GMT

I decided to use Decanter as a syslog server for my router with the
collector-socket and append the data to ES with the

Syslog send data with the UDP protocol and actually, it doesn't work
with the collector-socket version.

I make some modifications on the collector-socket to test it using a
DatagramServer instead of a ServerSocket for UDP.

The modifications are :

- Add a new properties in the collector cfg file to define the protocol :

# Protocol tcp(default) or udp

- Instanciate a DatagramServer in the case of udp protocol is define in
the cfg (org.apache.karaf.decanter.collector.socket.SocketCollector)

It work's well and I can share it by a PR.

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