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From Christian Schneider <ch...@die-schneider.net>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Gogo commands completion data
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2016 11:51:30 GMT
The command metadata service API of course would need to live at felix 
gogo. So the plain gogo shell could also make use of it.
We could then provide an extender at karaf that creates these services 
out of the karaf specific commands.

The problem I see with the scripts is how to add them to the karaf shell 
in a modular way. After all you want to just install the bundle with the 
You do not want to additionally have to install a shell script at some 
other place. That is where the magic location for a script file could 
help for the short run.


On 19.10.2016 13:43, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> I thought about that, but then, the bundles would be tied to Karaf while
> the goal is to support commands from projects which are not related to
> karaf.  Else, we could just force them to use our own command api if they
> want to support Karaf ;-)
> Also remember that scripting offers very nice additional features : it's
> dynamic.  A static completion system would not be able to offer the same
> level, so you'd have to offer an api, and then... well, it's not
> independent anymore, so you've lost the benefit.
> The fact that the scripts are external it not necessarily a problem.
> That's the way your unix shell completion works btw ;-)

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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