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From Markus Rathgeb <maggu2...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: bnd files in Decanter Project
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2016 10:42:48 GMT

> - You typically do not need a plugin definition at all in each module pom.
> So the definition just in the bnd file is much more concise.

I set the plugin with "<_dsannotations>*</_dsannotations>" and set
extensions in the parent POM and so no child pom that is using the
defaults does need to contain the maven-bundle-plugin section at all.

> So I think the extraction is best for users of eclipse and bndtools and less
> valuable for other IDEs. To be honest though editing the bnd files is not
> really a big deal.

> I typically only use Import-Package, Export-Package, Private-Package and
> Bundle-Activator and these four I can type without completion.

Thank you again for your explanations.

I (!) see no real pro and no real cons.
So IMHO it is just a personal decision if someone want to use bnd.bnd
files or not and perhaps the IDE that is used to configure stuff and
work with.

Best regards,

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