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From Christian Schneider <ch...@die-schneider.net>
Subject Re: [karaf boot] Added a DS sample with Servlet and JPA and slightly different setup
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2015 08:11:10 GMT
Hi Achim,

the BOM approach was also my first choice. Unfortunately I think it is 
not suitable.
A BOM allows to define the versions for maven dependencies. It does not 
add any of the dependencies to the project.
So with a BOM you could leave out the versions but would have to specify 
all the dependencies in the user bundle.
What I used there instead was simply a pom with the dependencies. Using 
the transitive nature of dependencies this adds
all dependencies of the pom to the user project. I think this is what we 
want to achieve.

Unfortunately the pom approach also has one weakness. For the 
blueprint-maven-plugin I need to add some APIs (javax.inject and pax-cdi 
as optional.  This does not seem to work if they are extracted into a 
pom. All optional dependencies seem to be not included
in the user project. So if anyone knows how to solve this it would be 
highly appreciated.
Another way would be to configure the maven-bundle-plugin to not create 
Import-Package statements for these APIs. Not sure how to do this though 
in a generic way.

BOM and pom unfortunately both do not provide any way to add plugins to 
the user code.
This is what I use the parent for. You are right that it does not 
provide much flexibility but I think it is better than
a monolithic karaf boot plugin that calls all other necessary plugins. 
One reason is that a parent is more transparent.
So the user can look into the parent and easily understand what it does. 
A parent is also a nice template
for the more advanced user to create his own parent.

I am still not familiar with profiles. I will check out and try your 
code to understand how it works.

I agree with you that we want to achieve a light weight deployment for 
karaf boot. What I had in mind
is to add an option to the karaf-maven-plugin to create a distribution 
with static deployment.
So you specify the features as you do now but the plugin then would not 
add the features as boot features
but instead do all resolution at build time and deploy all bundles using 
startup.properties. This should even
allow to start without the feature service or without the shell if 
people want that.

So in general I think our goals are nicely aligned. We now just have to 
find and agree on a good way to reach them.


On 17.12.2015 01:03, Achim Nierbeck wrote:
> Hi,
> once more, I still think and I think I convinced JB on this point, Parent
> POMs are a bad way to start with just to create your own application, this
> is where BOMs (Bill Of Material) plays in much more nicely. Especially if
> you want to combine different aspects. Like DS plus Web for example, now
> you would need two Parents, which isn't possible.
> Now regarding Provisioning and features. I wouldn't go with features, cause
> the tend to be
> bloated in comparison to the small footprint we want to have with
> karaf-boot.
> That's why I proposed long time ago to use profiles.
> My first steps no that can be found at the project in JBs GitHub account.
> It's the profiles branch. [1]
> In this we'll have the profiles attached to the BOMs and therefore it could
> be extracted through a specialized Mojo (already worked on that) to merge
> all those profiles into one to create a custom Karaf on the fly.
> regards, Achim
> [1] - https://github.com/jbonofre/karaf-boot/tree/profiles
> 2015-12-16 22:33 GMT+01:00 Christian Schneider <chris@die-schneider.net>:
>> Probably not .. I just did not yet change it :-)
>> Will fix it.
>> Christian
>> 2015-12-16 22:03 GMT+01:00 Tim Jones <tim@mccarthy.co.nz>:
>>> Hi Christian, looks good, one minor, is the package name supposed to be
>>> org.apache.aries.jpa.example.tasklist.*blueprint*.impl?Tim
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