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From Christian Schneider <ch...@die-schneider.net>
Subject Re: [karaf boot] Added a DS sample with Servlet and JPA and slightly different setup
Date Wed, 16 Dec 2015 15:30:07 GMT
I think the name starter is misleading. When I read it first I thought 
it was some way to boot up the application
but after all it is just a name.

About the osgi.bnd. Currently you have to provide it but this can 
probably be changed either in the maven-bundle-plugin or in bnd itself. 
I would also prefer to just create it if you really want to tweak something.
On the other hand it is not a big problem as we will most probably 
provide a archetype that contains it anyway. For the archetype I would 
even provide an empty osgi.bnd as it is easier to edit it than to know 
that you have to create a file with this name.


On 16.12.2015 16:22, Jean-Baptiste Onofré wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> thanks for this !
> karaf-boot-api sounds like the BOM that I proposed in 
> karaf-boot-starter. It sounds good to me, but maybe the 
> karaf-boot-starter name is better than API (or it makes sense if we 
> add some annotations/extensions).
> For the parent pom, as already said on IRC, it was my first intention 
> and we discussed on the mailing list. Achim convinced me to go on a 
> less intrusive approach. The only drawback with a parent POM is that 
> users have to define it in their POM. At the end, I think it's not a 
> big deal and it makes sense as it can be the parent pom of the user 
> parent pom ;)
> One of the key purpose of the karaf-boot is to be very very very (and 
> 10x very ;)) easy to start with and use. So, if parent pom is easier, 
> I'm OK with that.
> For the "external" osgi.bnd, it's also fine for me as soon as the user 
> doesn't have to provide one by default (again, simple). If the user 
> wants to tweak, he can provide a custom osgi.bnd.
> I like the idea of the annotations for the feature, it's exactly 
> aligned with karaf-boot ideas. Big +1 for this.
> Thanks !
> Regards
> JB
> On 12/16/2015 03:54 PM, Christian Schneider wrote:
>> I found a bit of time to work on the karaf-boot effort JB initiated at
>> last.
>> I adapted the tasklist example from aries jpa for karaf boot.
>> You can find the result in a branch:
>> https://github.com/jbonofre/karaf-boot/tree/tasklist-sample/karaf-boot-samples/karaf-boot-sample-tasklist

>> The example contains a JPA persistence unit, a TaskService which
>> implements a JPA based repository and a servlet using the 
>> http-whiteboard.
>> I did a little different approach to what JB used with the starter pom
>> and the karaf boot plugin.
>> - I created a karaf-boot-api with the same idea like the enroute
>> base-api. It is a pom that contains all APIs you will likely need for
>> starting a real business application.
>> This is the only dependency of the sample. So people starting with this
>> pom will be able to start coding business code without thinking about
>> the necessary libs.
>> I also put some test dependencies there like slf4j and junit to help
>> people with creating tests.
>> - I also created a karaf-boot-parent as a parent for all karaf-boot
>> samples. It sets up all the necessary plugins like maven-bundle-plugin
>> or compiler-plugin. This is different
>> from JBs approach of using a karaf-boot-plugin. I think the parent
>> approach is better as it is easier to understand and extend. People can
>> look into the parent to see what it does
>> and when their project grows they can copy/paste the useful parts into
>> their own parent.
>> - I externalized the osgi settings using an osgi.bnd file. This allows
>> to easily customize the OSGi settings without redefining the
>> maven-bundle-plugin. It is also compatible to bndtools 3.1
>> as far as I can tell. So it should make it easier to work on the code
>> using bndtools.
>> Apart from that I created a small stub for defining a feature using
>> annotations:
>> This is how it could look like:
>> https://github.com/jbonofre/karaf-boot/blob/tasklist-sample/karaf-boot-samples/karaf-boot-sample-tasklist/src/main/java/org/apache/aries/jpa/example/tasklist/feature/TasklistFeature.java

>> @Feature(
>>           name="tasklist",
>>           version="1.0.0",
>>           features = {"jpa", "transaction", "hibernate", "http"},
>>           configFile = "org.ops4j.datasource-tasklist.cfg"
>> )
>> The idea is to add this annotation to any class and then let a yet to be
>> written karaf-feature plugin create a feature.xml from it.
>> The result would be a feature with the given name and dependencies. The
>> feature would by default also contain the current bundle. So this would
>> allow to start with one maven project that contains everything to easily
>> get a small business application running.
>> So some things left to do are:
>> - plugin for the feature creation
>> - plugin for packaging a self contained karaf including the application
>> and all deps and config. More or less this can be done with the current
>> karaf-maven-plugin but we need to tune it so it needs less 
>> configuration.
>> - plugin for running the application from the command line
>> - artifact for creating new karaf-boot applications
>> - documentation for the transition to a larger multi project setup with
>> its own parent. Maybe a separate artifact would also do, not sure
>> - Integration with bndtools to give the user a nicer IDE for OSGi than
>> plain eclipse
>> I would be happy about any feedback.
>> Christian

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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